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About Hinwise

Hinwise is a boutique digital company builder founded by me, Nathan Williams.

I started Hinwise in 2013 as a data analytics software company to build out digital projects and spin them off as startups. I love bringing innovative startups to life in the cutting-edge fields of industrial technology, deep technology, blockchain, and data analytics. My startups are passion projects that strive to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Content Channels

My blog: The Lemnist

My Podcast: Analysis in Chains

In 2017 I started a podcast with my friend Neal Kierans. We started it as a way to learn about blockchain, how to design distributed ledger systems, and how to understand and analyze trends in the crypto sphere.

We ran the podcast until 2019, and at our peak had 2000 listeners per episode at our peak. I personally interviewed over 80 founders in the crypto space. A few well known, and even one who went on to infamy. You can find the episodes on Spotify at the link above.